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Do you want to rank your pages on the top? Well, search engine optimization helps you rank higher in organic searches. All search engines consider different ranking factors, including on-page and off-page SEO, to rank your site. If you want to get more sales and traffic to your pages, it's also essential for your site to rank in the first position.
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New Orleans SEO Services

Astash has been selected as one of the best SEO agencies in the Unites States — and we have the track record to prove it. Our search engine optimization services include a custom SEO strategy, experienced team, and latest technology. Our main focus is always driving sales and revenue for our clients, and we provide every missing piece your business needs to grow with SEO.

Astash managed SEO services are the leading solution for mid-sized companies and enterprises that already have experience with marketing and have high expectations to dominate their competition online and rapidly increase their sales.

SEO Services

Our company specializes in SEO and has extensive experience in bringing hundreds of websites to the Top 3 of organic Google search results and Google Maps. With our Managed SEO service, you can be sure you’ll receive the highest return on investment and multiply your sales up to 5x.

After the first 6 months of being with us, you can expect your website to rank on 2,000+ keywords with 200-300 ranking on #1 position and 600-1,000 ranking at the Top 10. In general, we see at least a 300% organic traffic increase at the end of the first half year.

Our team can build a customized strategy designed to guarantee results regardless of your industry or location.

Internal SEO & On-Page Optimization
External SEO and Link Building
Technical SEO
Behavioral Factors and Usability Optimization
Google Business Profile & Maps Optimization

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New Orleans SEO

You may think about what to do to rank higher? You need to spend a lot of time to perform the best SEO practices on your website. SEO is a continuous and long-term process. It requires excellent content, quality backlinks from high authority and niche relevant sites, and excellent user experience.

As a top New Orleans SEO company, we offer a full range of SEO marketing services. It also offers management tools that rank your website on the top pages of Google. We offer a dedicated team of SEO professionals who will manage all SEO-related work.

Multiple elements make SEO. Knowing what these elements are and how they work is the key to understand why SEO is essential for you. In short, SEO is necessary because it makes your website more visible in the searches.

Benefits of choosing our

New Orleans SEO Company

SEO is also essential for creating brand awareness and building relationships with prospects. It positions your site as a reliable expert in your industry. By hiring our team, you can expect massive organic traffic and top positions in organic searches. We also create mobile and SEO-friendly website structure for you.

Increasing website traffic

Search engine optimization has now become very advanced. So, there’re fewer chances to cheat the system to get rank. It means it is challenging to get traffic and sales. As SEO is evolving, our team is also heading to perform advanced organic search engine optimization SEO techniques for google to ensure your SEO strategies achieve outstanding results.

If your site has poor SEO strategies, Google may either be unable to read your site. Sometimes they categorize it as spam or even never can be found online. We will make changes to avoid this!

If search engines can’t find you in the first place, obviously, they will show your competitors. That’s why our experts come here to provide you the best SEO service for small business to get your site in the first place.

Proven Experience from Our

Proven SEO Company

Why do you need to hire us when you can hire other SEO agencies? We provide businesses with SEO professionals specializing in search engine optimization. On the other hand, other SEO agencies don’t know how to professionally rank a website in organic searches. SEO is still the mastery we offer to our clients.

Whether you’re running a large business or a local coffee shop, you can’t get success online unless you perform the best SEO strategies. So, if you want to bring your business in the first place, you need to hire a professional team of New Orleans SEO experts. We have provided SEO services to local and international companies.

No matter where the business is, we can run local SEO campaigns. Moreover, our expert team creates customized SEO campaigns to boost your conversions and visibility.

Customer-centric campaigns are essential because they’re designed around customer needs and interests. When you run such campaigns, you will get more customer attraction, which leads your business to more sales and traffic.

Search Engine Optimization tactics

Better Search Engine Ranking

Content is the king because it is a large part of your every day, and you can’t neglect it. It keeps you informed, entertains you, answers your questions, makes you happy, and more. Above all, it helps you engage, delight, and attract prospects and customers. Above all, it brings potential customers to your product pages. That is why text is a vital part of all SEO campaigns.

If you’re focusing on other aspects of your business and don’t have time for internet marketing, we are here to help you. Our team creates various pages, blog posts, infographics, photos, videos, and more. Moreover we fully optimize your website with the new information we put out to make sure your users find what they need and reach out to you!

Developing content is also essential because it has SEO benefits.Google also loves quality images, videos, and page layouts and ranks the website containing those higher than the ones without those necessary elements.

Not only does the quality matter, but also regularity of the content posted and updated. The websites that don’t post regularly get ranked lower because users don’t want to read outdated information. So, this step is necessary if you want to maintain your position in the first place.

Benefits of Quality Content Creation

This is one of our most important parts of the SEO services. If you have been trying to sell a product for a long time without positive results, there are more chances that no one can find that product due to poor service-specific content and SEO. Content creation services help you bring a more professional touch to your online business, such as it updates your website regularly and drives the right traffic to the targeted pages you want to promote.

You website pages are the freeway to drive traffic and sales to your business. When you build unique text, you’re delivering free and valuable information to the readers. You can’t make a house without a blueprint or a company without a mission or vision statement. Similarly, you are unable to rank higher without quality text.

We are highly professional and specialize in SEO friendly content writing services. At first, we will research your current website and then create excellent written pieces that both search engines and your audience can easily understand.

Keyword-Rich Website

Did you ever think about what improves the content? What ranks your business on the top of organic searches? The answer that fits both questions is “Keywords”.

Our experts have a comprehensive approach to using keywords. Our content ideal digital marketing team structure members increase your ranking in search results by targeting specific keywords relevant to your business. If a target keyword is perfectly used in a relevant page, thre is a high chance Google will rank your pages for that keyword.

Keyword-rich doesn’t mean repeating the same keyword again and again in the same blog post. It will be considered keyword stuffing if you do that, which would do nothing good for your rankings. We have developed an advanced-level keyword strategy. We use this strategy to grab both your customers’ and search engines’ attraction.

Though there are many New Orleans SEO companies available, Astash is unmatched! We generate keyword SEO for your website, so you can get the first position in organic searches. Hundreds of our clients’ websites are ranking on the top and that is why we are the top New Orleans SEO company.

On-site Optimization

On-site or on-page SEO involves adjustments our team makes on a website. This type of SEO is necessary to make your web pages Google-friendly. Our SEOs optimize your title, meta description, tags, headings, alt text, and many more.

We create your web pages to make sure they are working efficiently. We determine factors like page URL structure, link usage, mobile-friendliness, page load speed, and image size, and more. Above all, our expertise allows us to use the most appropriate links and configure your web pages with correct headers and meta tags. Though there are many other ways of online marketing, SEO is still the number one source based on our experience. You might hear some people say search engine optimization is outdated or dead. This is nothing except a myth.

Our SEO company in New Orleand, LA is also available for those with physical locations. Our top local SEO experts can help your business rank among your local community. So, if you want to make your entire website search engine friendly, you have to perform on-site optimization. It does not only help you improve your online success but also helps you drive sales to your business.

New businesses should invest in on-page optimization. That way, they can easily sell their products and services in a highly effective manner. Moreover, they can attract the right audience to their businesses.

Off-site Optimization

It is the opposite of on-page. Off-site SEO optimization refers to tactics and strategies that our team performs outside of your website. Like on-site, it also increases your search ranking for your website. Even if you build a perfect website with solid on-page optimization, it won’t rank high without off-site optimization.

How do search engines rank websites? Google, Yahoo, and Bing rely on trustworthiness and relevance to decide whether they have to rank your site or not. They track the sites which are linking to your website. The more relevant and trustworthy the website that links to you, the more reliable and reputable your website will be in the eyes of Google.

Our WordPress SEO experts specialize in getting the most relevant and high-quality backlinks from trusted and reputable sites to drive traffic. Our off-page tactics include social media marketing, brand mentions, influencer integrations, and guest blogging.

Local SEO

Now is the time of smartphones, that is why the search has changed throughout the years. New keywords have arrived that are only used for local searches, like “near me.” While using the internet, you might have this keyword phrase thousands of times. Local search has become more popular than ever.

Today, people take out their smartphones in a new city or country to find the best around them. For example, if you want to find a restaurant in a new city, you have to search “restaurants near me.” When you search this query in a search engine, you will see hundreds of restaurants on your screen.

Astash is trying to create the hyper-local SEO results for all businesses. Our expertise makes us able to identify the core elements of your website.

Link Building

Link building is one of the essential ranking factors when ranking a site. While link building, make sure you link to the most relevant and trustworthy sites. Our team members can handle all aspects of link building so you can rank high in organic searches.

Google Search Console

During any SEO campaign, our experts verify your site by GSC. They understand users’ queries and click-through rates with the right data points to make the right decisions. We also see crawl and index errors and correct them.

Analytics and Tracking

We employ Google Analytics certified experts who know how to track website ranking and customer engagement. We use it to get information about all of the potential customers who visit your site. Using tracking data, we can help you target specific markets, demographics, and industries.

A Holistic Approach

Our company believes in customer-centric SEO campaigns to build a well-defined brand for your business. Our experts work closely with PR, web design, social media, and marketing teams to make sure every campaign has tremendous impacts on potential customers.

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