That is to say, these days everyone goes online to search for services and products. If you aren’t on the first page when they search keywords matching your products you are certainly losing out on those valuable leads. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t just a trendy wave, but it is a necessity if you ever want to grow. It’s an absolutely essential aspect of any strategy to market your products in order to bring in more sales and useful leads.


Website Optimization Company

We are proud to be one of the top Colorado SEO firms in Fort Collins, which means we never lazily throw easy or generic solutions at our client’s projects. If we need to make any adjustments or add extra content, we are surely happy to do it. We come out to cities such as Greeley, Loveland, Windsor, Johnstown, Wellington, Timnath, Berthoud, Evans, and more. Above all, our team is a well-rounded group consisting of digital marketers, analysts, developers, and web designers.


We can appreciate when you may want certain aspects maintained internally, and in those cases we are able to fluidly collaborate with your in-house group to provide and integrate our results. We strive to be as transparent as possible, and will always readily share our strategies and knowledge to you.


Astash is a comprehensive, results-driven web service agency that is meanwhile laser-focused on your growth! Please reach out to us today to find out more about our website SEO in Fort Collins, responsive Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, and PPC options.

What is SEO?

SEO “search engine optimization” involves the method of receiving online traffic from free and organic search engine results like Google and also Bing. When you sign on with a Denver SEO company, you’re collaborating with a knowledge team that acts as a natural extension of your business in order to implement strategies off and on your site to help raise you up the search engines rankings.

Our professional SEO firm begins with a compilation of target keywords, then we research further to identify the most impactful ones based on search volumes and your competitors. Afterwards, we will start working on link building opportunities and writing SEO content to get increased traffic and qualified leads right to you.

Local SEO Fort Collins, CO

Affordable Local SEO are more essential than ever, especially for companies serving their Colorado community or larger geo area. We emphasize achieving high keyword ranking also combined with the local region. Recently, Google has put heavier weight on localized product searches to clarify. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure your online presence stays aligned with constant SE changes.

Small Business SEO Service

The local search SEO service package is specifically designed for small businesses that work for their local community as well as a larger national audience. Whether you want to focus on your immediate physical region, or trying to reach out to consumers nationwide, we will support and enable your goals. This has proven to be an affordable solution for those small and medium companies aspiring to want to see national growth.

Enterprise SEO

The corporate SEO package is tailored to enterprise level, in other words corporations operating all over the world. These websites are similarly significantly larger, often with hundreds of different pages. In today’s national searches and highly competitive markets, keyword phrases are intensely sought. If you want your corporation to rise above the competition (as you should), we are certainly your perfect Fort Collins SEO service!

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Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research & Strategy

We will evaluate the keywords your website is already ranking for, review your “wishlist”, and do additional in-depth keyword research to compile a checklist that is the most useful for your website based on your competition.

SEO Content Writing

Above all, we have a dedicated Colorado SEO content writing services near me. For instance, generating new blog posts worth of sharing, optimization of existing pages, and fresh content. SE heavily prefer a website that is regularly getting new content.

Technical SEO Audit

So better rankings can be achieved through back-end improvements on your website like increasing pagespeed. Fixing these errors makes it easier for Google to crawl your website and also find the best SEO content. When you work with us in Greeley, Loveland, Windsor and other Colorado locations, you will surely be happy with the resulting Google rankings!

Link Building

After that, backlinks are an essential aspect of getting higher rankings. Yet another reason to collaborate with an best SEO companies near me like aStash that is fully dedicated to link building and helpful connections with relevant and respected websites.

Why Get SEO Website Optimization?

A digital marketing company provides the full-spectrum of professional SEO consultant to make your business more visible through evolving, reliable whitehat SEO techniques like:

  • SEO Strategy – We will tailor our digital marketing web design service directly to your goals. We will utilize SEO strategies that will be the most effective for you.
  • In-depth market and keyword research
  • Thorough reviews of your competitors
  • Organic SEO strategies for long-terms results combined with simple paid ads for quick bursts (if you choose PPC)
  • Complete onsite SEO – Meta descriptions, authentic quality of content, internal linking, title tags, etc.
  • Quality copywriting in order to keep your content interesting and fresh
  • Careful linkbuilding – focused on a variety of domains that have a respectable level of authority
  • Syndication of articles on new outlets, social media, and other curated websites
  • Google Analytics along with other data gathering software to find habits, new trends, and more



How Much Does SEO Cost?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a reliable set of actions aimed at attracting targeted search traffic and, in particular, new customers. Search Engine Optimization includes a custom webdesign with the digital marketing strategy in mind. We optimize all our websites for speed and usability for the better results. We include all web content writing as well as any custom functionality on the website. The main factor that sets our professional SEO consultants apart from the competition, quite frankly, is that WE DELIVER.


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Local SEO for Small Business

It internal and external, linkbuilding, technical, and behavioral. We also optimize websites specifically for Google Maps so when we finish, your website will be ranking in SERP 3-pack in your area.

National SEO

It is more challenging to compete with National brands and show up on the first page in United States or internationally that is why is ay require more time and resources.

Custom Projects
There are a number of things may effect SEO pricing packages. Most of the times the industry, competition in the market, and timeline of the project will dictate the average cost of seo near me. Contact us today to find out how much does seo cost for your website.
Prices may vary