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Businesses are always searching for quality leads and potential customers, but achieving their goals can be a challenge. Fortunately, digital marketing agencies can provide effective solutions to help businesses meet their marketing objectives. One such agency is aStash, a Minneapolis-based SEO agency that can assist you in converting your website traffic into leads and ultimately into customers.
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Minneapolis SEO Services

Astash has been hailed as one of the leading SEO agencies in the Unites States — and we have the track record to prove it. Our Minneapolis SEO services include a custom SEO strategy, and latest technology. Our focus is always driving visits and revenue for our clients, and we fill in every missing piece your business needs to grow with SEO.

Astash managed Minneapolis SEO services are the best for mid-sized companies and enterprises that already have experience with marketing and have high expectations to dominate their competition online.

SEO Services

Our company specializes in SEO and has extensive experience in bringing hundreds of websites to the Top 3 of organic Google search results. With our SEO package, you can be sure you’ll receive the highest ROI and multiply your sales up to 5x.

After the first 6 months of being with us, you can expect your website to rank on 2,000+ keywords with 200-300 ranking on #1 position and 600-1,000 ranking at the Top 10. In general, we see at least a 300% organic traffic increase at the end of the first half year.

Our team can build a customized strategy designed to guarantee results regardless of your industry or location.

Internal SEO & On-Page Optimization
External SEO and Link Building
Technical SEO
Behavioral Factors and Usability Optimization
Google Business Profile & Maps Optimization

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Minneapolis SEO Company

Astash is a local team of SEO consultants, content writers, and technical pros who are here to get your business website ontop. This way, your audience can easily find you on the Internet. On the other hand, if you don’t do SEO tactics on your website, your consumers would not find you. Obviously, they will head to any of your competitors’ webpages.

Do you have any idea about how much web visits your website drives each month? If you are running a local business such as a coffee shop or an ice cream shop, you have limited traffic. Usually, small business owners fund a significant amount of money in their websites to bring them on the top of results. But unfortunately, they never get the results they’re looking for.

This is not their fault because they have to think about on another areas of their business too. On the other side, search engine optimization is a continuous process, which requires a lot of time that a business owner doesn’t have enough time to spend on SEO. That is why many Minneapolis businesses recommend their digital marketing and SEO strategies to us.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the practice of getting targeted traffic through organic searches. In this, you have to invest in increasing your rankings in search engines, so your pages appear first on search engine results when consumers search for things related to your business.

Doing effective SEO strategies drives more quality leads and clicks to your business. In this digital age, people trust only the top results. About 90% of searchers get help from the top queries, and they don’t like to go for a second page. However, only 10% may want to look for other pages.

We provide SEO specialists specializing in implementing the proven SEO strategies to drive traffic to your website. We are also here to help you grow your local ranking to beat your competitors.

Benefits of choosing our

Minneapolis SEO Experts

We have highly skilled Minneapolis SEO experts. They ask you to look at our site; you will see that we are experts in every aspect of digital & content marketing. We have team members for all categories, such as on-site, off-site, technical, content marketing & writing, eCommerce, local SEO, fantastic designers, and many more. We know how to bring your brand on top of results so your business can drive leads and traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO is the practice of optimizing your site as per the must-haves of search engines like Google Bing and Yahoo. In other words, SEO is the practice of optimizing your website.

How are we different from all the other SEO companies?

There’re many SEO companies in Minneapolis. Most of these claim to be using the most advanced SEO tactics and providing the results you want. But unfortunately, they are not authentic in their claims. Let’s come to our company. We employ highly experienced SEO masters in the industry. We have trained many SEO professionals and ran campaigns for the largest brands in America. Also, we can assure you that we will bring your desired results.

Is SEO right for my business?

In today’s digital age, it is impossible to survive online without performing authentic SEO strategies. Without SEO, it may be impossible to establish a successful business in your Industry. Also, SEO is necessary for the health of your business. Above all, the traffic we get from SEO strategies has the highest long-term ROI than any other marketing tool. PPC advertising has only 3% CTR, while SEO has 30% CTR. In summary, the right SEO can make or destroy an online business.

How long does it take SEO to work?

Google has over 200 ranking factors, so it will take a some time to get your pages to rank. We have worked with several clients’ websites. After that, we have found that a website takes at least 4-6 months to appear in organic search. But it is a long lasting asset for your company or brand.

What is your pricing model?

We offer different plans that range from startup to enterprise level. We recharge for the time and efforts that we apply into ranking your pages first. The greater the plan, the more effort your site will get. Usually, our packages start at $3,000 per month.

Do you outsource your work?

No, we do each and everything on our own. The quality marketing strategy can only be performed it is done in-house. We cater only in-house experts because we value your money.

 Will changes be made to my website?

We think it’s necessary to keep the right pages on your site so we have them ranking. We carry out most SEO on the back-end. However, if you want to add pages to your site, we will make those changes or guide you with clear directions.

Do you build links?

Of course, we create high-quality backlinks from high authority and relevant webpages. We have a relationship with relevant and trustworthy websites. Also, we’re creating new relationships with bloggers. Our Minneapolis link-building pros will produce authoritative and relevant links to your site. These links will make you more trustworthy in the eyes of searchers and search engines.

How are you doing keyword research?

At first, our experts understand your business needs before they start research. After that, we take the help from third-party keyword analysis tools to analyze the volume to choose the right keywords that can direct traffic and sales to your business.

Will you work with eCommerce?

If you want to have your product listings appear online, we are here to help you. Our eCommerce SEO team have a deep knowledge of eCommerce sites. Usually, we carry out SEO work on BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento.

Can SEO increase our leads?

Of course. Our Minneapolis SEO agency helps your business place better in search results or search engines. This will increase the number of your customers.

How are SEO and PPC different?

The main difference between SEO and PPC is that traffic coming for SEO strategies is free, while PPC traffic is not free. As the name suggests, PPC stands for pay per click, which means you have to pay for ads to lead clicks to your site. It doesn’t stop there; SEO has a 30% click-through rate, while PPC only has a 3% CTR. Though PPC ads are quicker to generate traffic, SEO is a long-term asset for your business.

What is the ROI?

It stands for Return on Investment. As we know, SEO is an investment for your business, and it has a significant benefit. Our goal is to help your business to appear in search results and get more leads and sales. This way, your business will see a massive recovery. In short, SEO is the foundation behind any successful business.

Great, So What’s Next?

The next step is to define your budget. The more you put money in SEO, the more your business will have an ROI. If you want to run an SEO campaign within your budget, our Minneapolis SEO agency is ready to help you.

Don’t Miss Out

Search engines are continuously becoming more competitive in local SEO. That is why it has become essential to start your campaigns for SEO by today, so you can easily stand out your business from the local crowd.

Service Areas

  • Saint Paul
  • Bloomington
  • Brooklyn Park
  • Plymouth
  • Woodbury
  • Eden Prairie
  • Maple Grove
  • Blaine
  • Lakeville
  • Eagan
  • Burnsville
  • Coon Rapids
  • Apple Valley
  • Minnetonka
  • Edina
  • St. Louis Park
  • Shakopee
  • Maplewood
  • Cottage Grove
  • Richfield
  • Roseville


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