Our Clients are large, medium and small businesses, including leaders in industries who are interested in quality search engine optimization and increase of sales.


We deliver the best solutions in:


Web Design
We create websites aligned with your business objectives. We develop projects from the ground up, as well as take on the redesign and development of sites where you expect more results.
Ecommerce Development
Turning your idea into a real business! We build solutions with full Ecommerce functionality that add the simplicity and convenience of an online store for both your customers and your team managing it.
Digital Complex
Do online business in 30 days! Not just a website, but a full digital marketing complex. This is a ready solution for business for 30 days with the guarantee of obtaining orders!
Search Engine Optimization
Organic optimization of the website for search engines like Google and Bing. Optimization will increase traffic, sales of products and services, and promote the brand.
Pay Per Click
Establishing ad placements for your website in search results. Our deliberate approach to managing contextual advertising specific to your business has proven tried and true over the years.
Social Media Marketing
Promoting SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a key attribute of any successful online business. We know exactly how to drive traffic to your website and attention to your brand / product through a variety of social platforms.
Your brand is exclusive, unique and only yours! Whether you need a logo, business cards or a complete branding package, our design team will help redefine your business.
Content Creation
Content for websites is essential information. It is necessary in order to give the website completeness, but above all – to ensure high-quality marketing online.
We offer registration services for domains. We will advise you on the best domain name and find the best deal for registering your domain with the best domain zones.
For our clients we offer services of placing sites on the best WordPress servers in data centers across the United States.
Website Maintenance
We offer a full range of technical services support to keep your website functioning affordably and consistently.
Web Warranty
For all our clients, aStash provides an extensive 30 days website warranty for the solutions we build.

— Prices for the development and digital marketing of websites in United States

Nowadays, everybody should see the obvious influence of the Internet on the general population. Every earthly inhabitant is an active user of the world wide web to search for goods, services, and information. Sooner or later, every entrepreneur understands the need to set up their own website online.

But just developing a website is not enough, it still needs to be optimized to attract the largest possible audience to it. For this reason you need website marketing. Web development and digital marketing are two integral components to achieve your main goal: making money online.

You can order the design, optimization, and promotion of your site for Colorado in the digital agency aStash where all our prices are clear and straightforward. Our professional approach guarantees well-coordinated work and satisfaction with the result. Designing and promoting an online store or other website through aStash agency is the shortest way to the success of your future online business.

— Why you should contact our agency

After years of working in the field of online services we have formed a successful team that results in work that always meets a customer’s expectations. An experienced WordPress web designer will be engaged in each phase of creation of your future web site. Our SEO-specialist will ensure the popularity of your resource by developing unobtrusive advertising. Thus, the creation and promotion of the website will become an integral part of online advertising for your business.

Our advantages are:

  • experience in creating websites in United States and abroad
  • placing our clients’ web resources in search engine results
  • responsibility to our client in terms of meeting deadlines
  • polite communication and attention to the needs of the customer
  • use of modern technologies and methods to achieve the highest quality
  • the potential for long-term cooperation
  • Development and marketing of web sites is a unique chance for us to demonstrate our professional capabilities for the benefit of the client’s business. A growing team and continuous improvement of our skills will ensure the prosperity of your resource from the first months of its operation.

    — What is the cost of creating a website?

    Our main service is web design and development. It is difficult to unambiguously answer the question of how much the site will cost without a deeper dive into what is needed first. The cost varies depending on the amount of work and the scope of the project. We offer our clients the creation of the following websites:

  • landing page
  • small business website
  • portfolio website
  • ecommerce online store
  • We are also offering our clients both custom web development and “All Inclusive” services for projects.

    — What is the cost of digital marketing for the website?

    Our agency will help you find the target audience of your website. To do this, we use SEO technologies, analyze and audit a website, and provide all the functionality for internal and external optimization. How much does it cost to order a site and its promotion in Colorado? It all depends on the services that interest the client:

  • web development from the scratch
  • ecommerce development
  • SMM marketing
  • content development
  • web design
  • branding
    You can receive all these services and more from Astash. Prices for the development and marketing of web site are negotiable. We are also ready to offer SEO-advice for those who want to learn how to promote their online business independently. Promotion and creation of websites from our agency aStash is available to everyone. Unique appearance, high functionality, and well-designed advertising is a perfect way to express yourself online.