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Increasing Brand Visibility

Your company will get a lot more visitors if you are in the top search results. You will be showing on relevant keyword searches to millions of potential customers across the globe. This is not exactly an easy task as your website will have to be among the best of the best for these keywords in order to make that to happen. While we cannot always guarantee the top position on Google, we are sure we can get your website competitive positioned on the first page. That is what we do at aStash and we do it to the best of our knowledge.

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– stage one
Preparation of the Adwords Campaign
Competent preparation and planning of the terms and stages of the Adwords campaign will help you avoid unexpected expenses that may arise during its implementation and make all promotional activities even more effective.
We carry out in-depth analysis of your niche, target audience, and competitors.
We eliminate non-target audience, which reduces the cost of advertising campaigns on stage 3.
We take into account the seasonality of the business and reduce the level of error when analyzing the dynamics of traffic.
We create a media plan, follow it closely, and achieve the desired results at stage 3.


– stage two
Launch of the PPC Campaign
The launch of an advertising campaign occurs within 1 – 3 days. This allows you to quickly respond to demand and attract the target audience to your resource.
We implement an advertising strategy using all necessary channels of paid advertising.
We configure automated services to get detailed analytics and increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.
We install an “online consultant” on the site for additional communication with the client and increase the conversion at all stages of the sales funnel.
– stage three
Leading the Campaign
On a monthly basis we carry out a detailed analysis of campaigns. We clean up from non-conversion requests, optimize the budget, and adjust the strategy depending on the actions of your competitors.
We create different advertisements for each segment of the target audience and test to identify the best ones.
Analyzing data in Google Analytics. We set up goals for visiting pages, clicking a button, filling out forms, and purchasing products.
We consider analytics and launch additional types of advertising (media, blocks in email, and YouTube).
We set up dynamic remarketing and return visitors who are interested in a product or service but have not yet made an order.
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— Pay per click Services from PPC company aStash

let’s first recall the very concept and reasons for the website marketing. At the moment, a large number of good and not very good strategies for promoting web resources in search engines have been developed. But in the end, they all boil down to one thing – to attract as many visitors to the website as possible.

But all these methods and strategies have one common drawback – they require a lot of time. Waiting for a positive result from search engine optimization can be delayed for many months.
But there is a tool where this disadvantage does not exist. This is PPC advertising. This service is provided by absolutely all search engines. At its core, this is the display of information and links to your website in certain advertising zones, as a rule, having the most noticeable location.

— PPC Ads, Google Adwords Advertising as a way to instantly increase website traffic

The advantages of advertising on the Internet can be described using the following metaphor:

The advantages of advertising on the Internet can be described using the following metaphor:
Imagine that your website is a car that travels to a destination. And that this item is the ultimate goal of any search engine optimization. When you perform a SEO optimization, you will move to your goal along a normal but winding and long route with very heavy traffic, and speed limit. Of course, you reach the destination, but not as soon as we would like. PPC advertising in the Internet environment, in turn, provides you with a separate highway with a minimum length of the route, unlimited speed and no traffic jams (think German autobahn).

This metaphor fully shows the whole essence of what is happening on the Internet: you can use classical search engine optimization, but the result will be delayed. Or, you can use contextual advertising, the price of which is somewhat higher, and get almost instant results.
The advantages of this method are obvious, besides the search companies are constantly improving their services, and contextual advertising of the site is becoming more and more effective.

— PPC management services and Adwords campaign

Google Ads is the main source of contextual advertising in the world. It is characterized by a high level of service, convenience for users, and simple navigation. PPC Services here provides a very rapid effect, it is a kind of guarantee for the growth of your website traffic.
Contextual advertising “Google” is based on the fact that the customer pays directly for clicks on their links. This system is beneficial to both the client and search engines. Many companies contact the Google Ads service after unsuccessful attempts to bring the site to the top using SEO methods. This may be due both to errors in the optimization campaign and to external factors like high competition. But despite its external simplicity and functionality, as well as the fact that contextual advertising in Google is positioned as accessible to all, it is very important to entrust the process of creating an PPC ads to a professional. Only a specialist will be able to correctly identify goals, as well as pick up keywords for advertising.

— Prices for PPC marketing in Colorado and throughout the United States

As we already mentioned, the client actually pays for each transition through its advertising link. And it is the estimated number of visitors for a certain time interval that is taken as the basis for the formation of the advertising budget. The price for a single transition depends on the service provider and can vary significantly. PPC advertising on average costs from 50 cents up to $2 per click, but in some cases these numbers may be well outside of this range.
Thus, “Google” contextual advertising can reach up to $15. For the transition, it all depends on the level of thematic competition. Also, the price is significantly influenced by regional factors and the popularity of keywords. It is not necessary to advertise on the Internet with expensive “keys”, cheaper options may be no less effective. It is important to remember that PPC on Google, specifically its effectiveness, is estimated by the so-called CTR. It represents the ratio between the number of searches and clicks on your advertising link.

Normally, 2–3 percent of requests bring a visitor to the site. Of course, the higher this indicator, the better.
As you can see, contextual advertising on the Internet can be an affordable and effective way to attract visitors to your site.

— PPC management company aStash provides high-quality Google Adwords, PPC social media and other advertising services

PPC advertising which you can order on your own is still a rather complex tool, with many different subtleties and nuances. Therefore, when planning your ppc campaign you will need the help of PPC experts who know all the ins and outs of contextual advertising. The digital agency aStash is ready to undertake all the advertising activities.

Analysis of the market situation, selection of keywords, budget planning – all this will be done by our PPC professionals. Our services are not limited by geography, and it does not matter whether you need PPC services in Fort Collins or any other city in Colorado – our work will still maintain a high level of quality.

We also consider it our duty to remind you that PPC advertising of a web site is just a tool for attracting visitors to your online business. PPC marketing will not force the visitor to buy your product or service if they did not like something on the website itself. First of all pay attention to your website, its appearance, functionality, and convenience. The site itself must have a visitor to buy the product and then return again. Without this it is impossible to build a truly profitable commercial business, and the placement of contextual advertising will allow it to grow exponentially. Get Adwords help from the marketing experts in Fort Collins, Colorado.