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– Connecting Your Customers with Your Brand

Effectively managing your client database is one of the greatest advantages a business can have. We will help you attract new clients to your business using social media channels and we will make sure you retain them. We are offering social media development and reputation management services together with the WordPress website design.

Channel to interact with the most solvent and active audience. Recognition on Facebook translates to success in business!
The highest level of user engagement. The audience is quite young – the main core audience is 18-26 years old.
Efficient eCommerce conversion platform. 60% of active “piners” are more likely to be found on Pinterest than in catalogs.
The most powerful resource of promotion in the business area. It gives the opportunity to get the highest quality traffic.
Shows advertising videos are limited audience segments, pay per view, go-to landing pages, and fast coverage at a competitive rate per view.
Rapid dissemination of information. Generates substantial traffic to the website. High audience activity.


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– The basics of marketing in social networks
Correct SMM Strategy
The effectiveness of all your efforts depends on a competent strategy. It is necessary to take into account many nuances: goals, frequency, topics, headings, and formats.

The simplified process of developing a strategy is shown on this page.

Analysis of competitors and the target audience
Selection of the marketing area
Development of a creative idea
Content visualization
Headings and content plan
Formation of key performance indicators (KPI)


– SMM will be an ideal solution
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— Trust one of the top social media marketing companies with your SMM Goals

According to the statistics for 2016, about 30% of the world’s population (2.172 billion people) have pages online and do not just stay on one. On average, the user spends 1.5-2.5 hours per day on social networks. Considering the fact that only half of the world population has access to the Internet, such statistics speaks volumes. Social media advertising is an important indicator of credibility and availability. World-renowned companies from completely different industries create pages and groups, thereby creating accessible marketing platforms. For example, Starbucks will post delicious coffee pics on
Instagram every day; Victoria’s Secret models pose on Facebook; Coca-Cola, Adidas, Pampers; they all share the news every day with their followers offering new products, adding promotions and selling-selling-selling.

— We achieve business goals with the help of social media management services

SMM-marketing is a modern efficient business tool. With this tool you can:

  • attract targeted traffic to the site
  • increase conversion
  • expand the client base and the number of repeated targeted appeals
  • increase the credibility and brand awareness
  • keep the interest of the audience
  • create a focus group
  • conduct marketing analyzes of the consumer and market
  • expand the area of engagement
  • organize customer feedback
  • This is not even a comprehensive list of opportunities that SMM-optimization has for almost all areas of business. Another undeniable plus is the low cost of attracting customers. When you invest money in the marketing of your business online you will notice the first results in a few weeks.

    However, there is one big misconception: from the first days of the promotion you’ll have more clients than ever before. No matter how web studios and agencies loudly declare a miracle no one can guarantee such quick results. The increase in sales and returns begins 1-2 months after creating the page. This is the optimal time for the target audience to join the ranks of subscribers and get used to the new brand in the network.

    — Important components of marketing through social media marketing services

    Social Media Marketing without an experienced specialist who is ready to give your project daily attention is a waste of time. It is not enough to collect posts and fold them by timing on the page. This is only a small fraction of the available marketing tools. The big part of a successful social media presence is social media advertising.

    Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other less popular resources have their own official system of contextual and post advertising. In addition to services organized by the administration, social media marketing agency knows about other effective ways to attract an audience to groups.

    In addition, changes and updates periodically occur in each of the social web. It is difficult to keep track of them all developing the business independently at several sites at once. Not to mention introducing, practicing, and analyzing effectiveness.

    So, the main components that allow you to create successful SMM promotion are:

  • specialist
  • advertising
  • budget for additional promotions and events
  • Depending on the type of business, goals and deadlines, social network, the cm-specialist can offer to order options for additional effective impact, such as promotions, contests, posting in thematic groups, developing a brand logo for a photo of goods, product and thematic images, etc.

    — What social media advertising agency aStash focuses on when setting goals for SMM campaign

    Focus on the experience! In the SMM department of the aStash system Internet solutions agency, there are international employees with practical experience of 2 years. Turning to us for social media marketing services, you are guaranteed to receive help and support from a qualified staff who are social networking experts on:

  • the smm specialist Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest
  • Photoshop wizard
  • Content manager
  • analyst
  • marketer
  • psychologist
  • SMM promotion in Colorado has its own specifics of involving the Colorado public in subscribers and potential customers. To make sure that your business is successful from the beginning – contact our social media marketing agency for support. Our cooperation will take place in six stages:

  • We make and coordinate the commercial offer
  • Sign the contract
  • You make a prepayment
  • We make out the community
  • Our specialist draws up a development strategy, content plan, we launch advertising
  • We analyze the indicators of involvement and efficiency, user feedback and adjust the progress of promotion
  • We help design, set the pace, and develop the page using effective “white” methods. We are focused on a real live audience, and not popular and useless cheat bots common today.
    As for the cost of services, aStash offers competitive and affordable prices. Marketing through social media in Colorado for experienced and qualified studios will cost more than our best offer, and this will be valid throughout the rest of the United States. In the format of remote cooperation, you can order according to your budget the design and advertising of pages and social media management services. Cost adjustment is also possible.