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“Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.” – Jay Baer.
We make it easy to get your products & services to the masses. In other words, get your work out in front of billions of active social media users.
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Social Media Management Services

Are you looking for an effective way to grow your business’ brand awareness, number of new customers, and website traffic? Social Media Marketing is a great way to build a community around your brand and engage with your customers. Astash Managed Social Media services include a custom social media strategy, an experienced team, and the latest technology. Our main focus is always driving sales and revenue for our clients, and we provide every missing piece your business needs to grow with Social Media Marketing.

Social Media

We take a custom approach to campaign planning and management by not only determining the best social media strategies for your business but also aligning them with other digital marketing efforts, events, and connections. Typically our campaigns last around 90 days and are laser-focused on specific goals and KPIs.

Influencer campaigns
Holiday campaigns
Brand launch or product launch campaigns
Business anniversary campaigns
Trade show campaigns
Outbound engagement campaigns
A-La-Carte Products

A-La-Carte products are perfect for solopreneurs and small business owners looking for DIY solutions or marketing managers looking to build and implement marketing projects on their own. These packages include every part of complex social media strategies which, when used correctly, will grow your social media community and improve your sales. This is also an efficient way to “test the market” and start with partial or selected efforts to see improvements and continuously add on more features as budgeting allows.

Social Media Company

As has been noted, about 30% of the people around the world have pages online and do not just stay on one. On average, the user spends 1.5-2.5 hours per day on social networks. As a matter of fact, only half of the masses has access to the Internet, such stats speak volumes. For this reason, social media advertising is an important fator for intigrity and readiness. Companies of all over the world from completely different industries create pages and groups, thereby creating easy to use marketing platforms. The biggest companies in the world have a steady social media presence. Moreover, they all share the news every day with their followers offering new products, adding promotions and selling.

SMM-marketing is a modern efficient business tool. With social media management you can:

  • Attract targeted traffic to the website
  • Increase conversion
  • Expand the client base and the number of repeated targeted appeals
  • Increase the intigrity and brand awareness
  • Keep the interest of the audience
  • Create a focus group
  • Conduct marketing analyzes of the consumer and market
  • Expand the area of engagement
  • Organize customer feedback

Why hire a
social media manager?

In general, social Media Marketing without an expert who gives your project daily attention is a waste of time. Indeed, it is not enough to collect posts and fold them by timing on the page. But, this is only a small fraction of the available social media optimization. So, the big part of a successful social media presence is social media advertising.

Facebook, Instagram, and other less popular resources have their own official system of contextual and post ads. As well as, the services organized by social media marketing experts knows about other effective ways to attract an audience to groups.

In addition, changes and updates time to time occur in each of the social web. But, it is difficult to keep track of them all developing the business uniquely at several sites at once. Hence, not to mention introducing, practicing, and analyzing effects.

So, the main components that makes your SMM plan a success are:

  • Social media marketing manager
  • Advertising campaign
  • Budget for additional promotions and events

Depending on the type of business, goals and deadlines, social network, experts can offer options for more effective impact. Such as promotions, contests, posting in thematic groups, developing a brand logo or other images etc.

Social Media
Marketing Strategy

In general, the effects of all your efforts depend on a competent strategy. Also, we always take into account many things like goals, frequency, topics, headings, and formats. With this in mind, the simplified process to develop a better plan is shown on this page.

01 / Analysis of competitors and the target audience
02 / Selection of the marketing area
03 / Development of a creative idea
04 / Content visualization
05 / Headings and content plan
06 / Formation of key performance indicators (KPI)

Social Media Management

Focus on the experience! We have true social media experts in digital marketing field today. Indeed, all of our staff members are from qualified steam who are social media experts on:

  • Social Media Marketer
  • Content Manager
  • PPC Expert
  • SEO Analyst
  • Graphic Designer

SMM in Colorado has its own specifics of involving the Colorado public in subscribers and potential clients. However, to make sure that your business is improving – contact our social media marketing agency for support. In addition, we help design, set the pace, and develop the page using effective methods. Also, we are focused on a real live audience, and not popular and useless cheat bots common today.

At aStash we offers affordable prices. Surely, marketing through social media for experts and qualified studios will cost more than our best offer. With our a-la-carte options you can order as per your budget and choose which service you require.

SMM is the perfect solution
If you need:

01 / introduce a new product

02 / gather audience for your web event

03 / invite people to your offline event

04 / promote content of your group

05 / add followers to your page

06 / get more traffic to your ecommerce

07 / introduce new clients for your services

08 / sell your physical product

Connecting Your Customers
with Your Brand

In the first place always manage your client database. Indeed, it is one of the biggest assets a business can have. For this reason, we will help you attract new clients to your business using social media channels. By all means, we will make sure you retain them. We offer both social media development and manage reputation with the website design.


It is a channel to interact with the most solvent and active audience. To clarify, fame on Facebook translates to success in business!


Efficient eCommerce conversion platform. 60% of active “piners” are more likely to be found here than in catalogs.


Efficient eCommerce conversion platform. 60% of active “piners” are more likely to be found here than in catalogs.


It is the best resource of promotion in the business area. Also, it gives the choice to get great quality traffic.


It shows advertising videos are limited audience segments, pay per view, go-to landing pages. As well as fast coverage at a higher rates per view.


Rapid diffusion of information. In addition, brings more traffic to the website. Hence, high user activity.


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