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Creating a brand from scratch is a difficult work that requires a professional approach. You need the right foundation for the brand development and custom logo design service that will become successful. Our branding agency is always ready to serve your needs.
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Astash Branding
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aStash is rated 4.9 / 5 average from 123 reviews on Google, Upcity & Clutch

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Branding Pricing & Packages

For every branding project we will clearly identify what things are on your mind and convert them into a custom and thought-through design. All our work begins with an overview of what you specifically need and envision, along with a project timeline and overall guidelines to make your business successful.



3 options of a professional logo design
Designed by a Senior Graphic Designer
Full Resolution Source Files
3 revisions

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5 options of a professional logo design with 5 revisions
Designed by a Senior Graphic Designer
Full Resolution Source Files
Business Cards Design
Stationery Kit (Letterhead, Invoice, Envelope & Folder)
Brandbook (4-20 pages of corporate logo information, grid, typography and color, and more)

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7 options of a professional logo design with 7 revisions
Designed by a Senior Graphic Designer
Full Resolution Source Files
Business Cards Design
Stationery Kit (Letterhead, Invoice, Envelope & Folder)
Brandbook (4-20 pages of corporate logo information, grid, typography and color, and more)
Social Media Kit
Post Card
Trade Show Banner

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Branding Agency

Branding is an extremely important aspect of marketing strategies. When people visit your website or find you on social media they will mostly remember the brand, not much else. It is crucial to have a brand that people would remember and that communicates the exact message that you wanted to get across to your audience. We use our knowledge, experience, and research in online marketing. We can create a unique brand identity for your company and provide outstanding internet marketing services. Whether you need a logo, business cards, or a complete branding package, our design team will help redefine your business.

Award-winning digital marketing agency aStash relies upon our deep knowledge and background in web design, advertising, brand identity and strategy, UX design, digital media, and public relations. Our diversified experience allows us to provide a comprehensive approach when building your brand. Our initial engagement with every client starts by laying out a strategy-first plan that encompasses all of our digital and branding services including graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), corporate identity, social media, and other categories.

The branding team is made up of knowledgeable professionals with extensive experience in web design, branding execution, brand strategy, and digital technologies that convert potential customers into brand-loyal consumers. Experience, intelligence, sophistication, and hard work are all necessary to build and sustain brands, We heavily prioritize easy understanding and simplicity when creating brands that equally emphasize inspiration and intellect. Every single one of our clients receives a compelling value proposition for their business that centers on a shared goal which will explain what the team has united to achieve, why it will be unique, and why all of this effort matters. A truly great brand cannot exist without a strong foundation of positive culture.

Logo Design Services

When you present your business to the world, you want to make it clear and concise.

Your goal is to have your potential customers recognize and understand your business as quickly and smoothly as possible. However, this needs to be all wrapped into a memorable way which can be accomplished through a well-designed, strong logo. Here at Astash, we aim to be at our best so we can help you achieve yours. That’s the major reason why we’ve assembled our incredibly talented and creative team to help reach your goals.

Our graphic design team is always ready, capable, and happy to help make a brand logo that you can proudly say represents your company and vision in the best way. We are experts in making your ideas turn into actual reality so you can represent your best self.

Astash possesses all of the tools and knowledge needed to bring your ideas into the real world and aid you on the path to greater success. We have graphic artists on our staff who are experienced in the latest design trends. Expert graphic designers can help you from idea creation to real-world implementation to guarantee it’s exactly what you are looking for.

4 Reasons to invest in
Professionally Designed Logo


Your business’s logo is one of the first messages you send to potential clients. That single element is going to convey the core ideas behind your brand. It has to show professionalism, quality, and trust.


Your logo is going to be the face of your company. When potential consumers perceive you as a competent pro, they are going to want to engage in business with you. When you market your brand logo, you are essentially marketing your company.


Positive and immediate brand recognition gives you a significant advantage over your competition. Make it memorable while maintaining class and simplicity.


A truly effective logo will firmly plant your brand’s identity into your customer’s brains. Always ensure that you are sending thoughtful, consistent messages that manage to convey those same ideas.

Why do you need a
Custom Brand Identity Design

A brand is how a consumer sees your company. It encloses your image and the customer’s expectations. It’s because of the brand a client will buy the product and order services from your company. High-quality brand marketing is more than half of the product’s success because people that know you will be searching for you. We provide branding services in several stages:

  • Positioning – Set a goal, do market research, and study competitors and target audience. We try to understand why the consumer should fall in love with your brand.
  • Naming – We develop corporate identity, create a logo, and select the main thing – the name. Your brainchild should be recognizable at first sight and word.
  • Brandbook – We create the primary comprehensive document, which contains all the necessary information about the brand.
  • Creating a brand – Individual aproach for all of your products and services is important. As a result, you have a certificate in your hands that confirms the right to use the developed trademark.

Logo Development

The logo should be simple, easily recognizable and have its own significant element of distinction

Unique Style

It helps consumers quickly and easily remember and recognize a brand in the face of increasing information and high competition

Brand Strategy

Creating an experience for customers and developing their trust and loyalty long term is essential for startups and established businesses

Design for Ads

Creating ads that effectively tell the target audience about your brand, and also successfully sell your product or service

Print Design

It performs a reminder function maintaining the status and high level of awareness about your company


The most important strategic document combining all the brand information. This helps competently use and develop elements of corporate identity



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