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Branding is extremely important aspect in marketing strategies. When people visit your website, they will mostly remember the brand, not much else. It is crucial to have a brand that people would remember and that communicates the exact message that you wanted to get across to your audience. We use our knowledge, experience, and research in online marketing. We can create a unique identity for your company and provide the outstanding Colorado internet marketing services. Whether you need a logo, business cards or a complete branding package, our design team will help redefine your business in Fort Collins Colorado.

Logo Development
The logo should be simple, easily recognizable and have its own significant element of distinction
Unique Style
It helps consumers quickly and easily remember and recognize a brand in the face of increasing information and high competition
Brand Strategy
Creating an experience for customers and developing their trust and loyalty long term
Design for Ads
Creating ads that effectively tell the target audience about your brand, and also successfully sell your product or service
Print Design
It performs a reminding function maintaining the status and high level of awareness about your company
The most important strategic document combining the all the brand information. Helps competently use and develop elements of corporate identity


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— Branding services at digital agency aStash

Creating a brand from scratch is painful and difficult work that requires a professional approach. You need the right foundation, the development of a brand that will become successful. Our branding agency is at your service.

— Why do we need a brand development?

A brand is the way of how consumer sees your company. It encloses your image and customers’ expectations. I’s because of the brand a client will buy the product and order services from your company. High-quality brand promotion is more than half of the product’s success, because people that know you will be searching for you.

— Why do you need to do to become a successful brand?

We provide branding services in several stages:

  • Positioning. Set a goal. Do market research. Study competitors and target audience. We try to understand why the consumer should fall in love with your brand and for what reason.
  • Naming. We develop corporate identity, create a logo, and select the main thing – the name. Your “child” should be recognizable at first sight and word.
  • Brandbook. We create the most important document, which contains all the necessary information about the brand.
  • Creating a brand. Individualization of products / services requires registration. As a result, you have a certificate in your hands that confirms the right to use the developed trademark.
  • As a result, you will have your own brand. It is like a little child whom you’ll have to guide through the first steps. But “aStash” will help you with this.

    — What do you need to promote your brand?

    Brand promotion on the Internet requires the right strategy, and we will provide it. An experienced marketer will write out all the steps that will make a young company a successful and recognizable brand.

    However, do not expect everything to happen right away. Even the best project takes time for marketing. We will not say how much it will take. But we guarantee that we will shorten the period by 2 times in comparison with the projects of competitors.

    — Creating a brand at aStash

    Regardless of the price of developing a brand, you always want to save on things. But calculate how much you will lose if the brand does not work? Figures can reach hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars.

    The staff of the aStash branding agency is experienced people with great creative potential. If you want to order branding, we will select those who are best suited to create your brand. In staff: marketers, designers, copywriters, specialists in naming, experienced lawyers. We know all the details and understand how to make you successful.

    The company does not promise to do it quickly. But we promise to do a high-quality job. Do you want your brand to sell? If yes, we are waiting for you!