Web Design for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Are you considering hiring a Las Vegas Web Design Agency to help you take your website to the next level? Our customers enjoy working with us! This is what we do:

  • Research and planning are the cornerstones of any web design project. We get to know our clients, their specific needs, their goals, their customers, and their competitors.
  • Our programmers are the finest in the industry. We build websites with clear code, guaranteeing that they are successful straight away.
  • We thoroughly test as if we were a potential user, going through every element of your new website to guarantee it is as excellent as it can be and error-free.

How Much Does Web Design Cost?

Our web design services are tailored to your exact requirements. During a discovery call, we will dive deep into your exact requirements and build a proposal specifically for you. For all of our campaigns, we rarely employ a pre-built package. Instead, when working with you to identify the perfect solutions for your organization, we use web design packages as a starting point. We will tell you if your budget is too low, we don’t want to make any promises we can’t keep.

Call Digital Agency for Website Design

Our management method is one of the reasons we stand out as a top choice when compared to other web design services. This is actually what we do differently from other web designers. We plan and mean everything we do before we start. You will be guided through designing a website by our manager who is also a web design specialist. Does this sound like something you’d be interested in?

How Long Does Web Design Take?

Our web design demands several weeks from concept to complete draft, unless in unusual circumstances. At least for that period of time, we need you to be on board, so that we can create your new site completely. This article in Forbes illustrates why effective site design takes time and most web design firms in Las Vegas tell you the same. At first, we take time to properly get the job done.

A Leading Web Design Agency – From Start to Finish

  1. Setup

When a new web design client joins the Sage Digital family, we begin with “finding and onboarding.” During the exploration and onboarding setup, our customers are called to schedule a meeting in our Henderson office or over a Zoom video conference call. During this meeting, we introduce our clients to the complexities of web design as well as the scope of work (which we will have created prior to this initial meeting). Given that we’re a Las Vegas web design firm and you’re the subject matter expert, we also take the time during this discussion to cement our grasp of your organization. We don’t have the same level of familiarity with your brand and operations as you, the business owner. We’ll also discuss your target audience, determine the technical opportunities and limitations of your current website design, and make sure we have access to the systems we’ll need to do our job (Google Analytics, GSC, GMB, and WordPress etc.)

  1. Onboarding

This step is critical to the overall success, we spend time asking questions to make sure we understand exactly what you do and its target market and the client as it ensures that we have a complete understanding of your goal, style, and direction. We look at your present infrastructure to see where we can make improvements.

  1. Planning and Execution

Following the completion of our and onboarding processes, we move on to planning and implementation. We create a plan and produce factors that will become the core, putting to heart our research result.

  1. User Interface and User Experience Design

We use what we’ve learned to build mockups and wireframes as part of our planning process. then we begin to layout pages and build the website’s primary content.

  1. Development of both the Frontend and Backend

Our developers are so awesome at what they do, and we are proud of our team. We design websites with clear code, guaranteeing that they are successful from the start. We stand behind our work with a “clean code guarantee,” and conclude the first drafts of your website.

Every stage is defined and monitored, and we utilize our management platform for all Las Vegas web design jobs.

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