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At aStash we provide affordable web design & development services in Fort Collins, CO. Our design team will help you build a custom website that is great looking, responsive, and fast-loading at the same time. We will use internet marketing strategies to work on your online presence and to make sure your new website is user-friendly and search engine optimized. We want to help you make sure your small business is succeeding online.


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Aligned With Your Business Objectives


1–10 pages, which fully describe the basic information about your business, the services offered, and ways to contact
Online store contains effective mechanisms for the presentation and sale of products and services on the internet
To fully provide potential customers with the information about your products, images and details, and your portfolio
A web page that contains the information about a service or a product with the goal to sell, sell and, once again, sell
Not just a website, but a ready solution for your online business in 30 days: SEO, PPC, Branding & Social Media Included
Implementation of any non-standard web solutions in the field of website design, development, and functionality


6 principles
to Getting the Best web Solution

Custom Website Design in Colorado

Is Where Your Vision Becomes a Reality

Sometimes providing information and answering questions isn’t all you want from your website – you need to give your users something to do. Perhaps you want them to manage details, make reservations, or interact with each other online. Maybe you plan to sell your customers licenses or memberships. Maybe you would like a custom feature to impress your website visitors. Every custom project is truly unique. We want to get to know your brand, understand your needs, and determine an appropriate timeline and project plan tailored to your goals.


UI/UX design
By identifying and understanding the essence and core values of your brand, we create your unique identity. We’ll put our passion for good design to work and based on approved wireframes we’ll design all screens.
We discover your idea and put it in the right perspective. It is a collaborative process where we apply our experience in order to reach your project’s objectives.
Simply give us PSD files and you will receive a pixel-perfect HTML with usage for all the latest technologies.
WordPress is the most popular free platform, and perfect for website development and news portals
HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the backbone of any web project, and every website we develop is well organized, using only the latest HTML and CSS standards.
We have more than 12 years of experience in this field and offer PHP development of any complexity.

Pricing for Website Design
A reliable way, guaranteed to protect you from losing customers, is to use the proven solutions to improve the selling qualities of your site.


FREE Web Design Mockup before you sign or pay anything
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– Website for Small Business
Fully custom and unique website for 5-10 pages. Inculudes contact forms and a map, portfolio/gallery, services and about page, landing home page and additional pages
Starting at $1,000

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– Ecommerce / Online Store
With ecommerce website you can showcase your products, manage inventory and process payments. We can apply filters, product search and set up subscribtions to help your store grow.
Starting at $1,500

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– Custom Projects
We develop custom plugins to improve usability and save your time on web management. We can include any type of backend or frontend functionality from chatbots and calculator to vendor login and dashboard for users.
Prices may vary

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— Good website design is a rational decision

Today, the internet network is not only fun for people, but also a very effective way for the successful implementation of business ideas and self-realization. Also, the Internet is a very useful platform for advertising your activities. For these reasons, the development of websites is an exceedingly relevant and popular service.

Making websites in the modern world has long ceased to be a luxury, but has become a must have element that helps you run your business more successfully. It is for this reason, aStash makes every effort to ensure that the return on your website is stable and as efficient as possible. It is no secret that the development of websites gives an opportunity to get great prospects and provides you the best chance to announce about your business to everyone. If you give up the unlimited possibilities of the world wide web, you are depriving yourself of increased revenues and advertising for your business. Yes, that’s right, because the web studio offers customers extremely high-performance websites that fully meet your expectations.

The division of labor is the main component of a well-organized activity. This means that only a person who is an expert in this field should perform certain work. For example, accountants carry out the calculation of finances and police catch criminals. If you need high-quality and effective development of a website, our agency has all the necessary knowledge in successfully building a website.

— Professional web design services aStash

How to choose the optimal ratio of quality and cost of a website? In no case you should be cheap when budgeting for a website, because many potential customers get the first impression of the company’s image from the appearance of the website and decide to cooperate with you. For this reason, your business website should cause only positive impressions for people who visit your site. This will finally convince them to order the services your company provides. Website developers today offer different prices for their services. How do you find the best site building services for yourself? There are some nuances. There are unscrupulous website development companies that deliberately raise the prices of their services, but in the end they offer customers a low-quality product. It is necessary to try and avoid such companies, instead preferring only highly professional studios with a positive image, for which webdesign is the main focus of their work. Our agency will be an ideal solution for you, because according to the results of your work you will have a really high-quality website at your disposal, which will give you the opportunity to recoup all costs in a short time.

An example of creating an Internet resource can be found on our website, where there is a large portfolio with successfully completed projects. Creating a website is an excellent marketing solution, as the number of people who use the opportunities of the global network increases every day. Making websites has already been appreciated by a number of business owners. An impressive number of well-known companies today have become popular precisely because of advertising on the Internet. That is, it can be argued that the development of a web site has a price that is not comparable with the benefits it brings. When ordering services of the designing a website in our agency, the owners of companies do not doubt their decision for a moment, since they know that the development of their internet resource will pay back with interest in a short time. You can, without any fear, entrust the production of an Internet site to our professionals who know how to create a high-quality website. Many construction, retail, and entertainment companies ordered services for the web design from our company and they are completely satisfied with the result. They recommend aStash to their friends and acquaintances as one of the best in this field of activity.

– One of the best Colorado web design companies — we care for every client

Webdesign of websites in our company begins with the fact that we learn all the subtleties of the business of each client that comes to us. Whether it is a small site, an online store, or a complex portal, we have a well-coordinated team of specialists for whom the development of web-sites is their element. After the initial acquaintance with the client’s business, the website creation services cover the development and implementation of the project. That’s why the production of a website becomes an effective tool for attracting new clients. You can safely entrust the creation of the site to our specialists. They clearly know what is needed to create a company website or an online store that will give positive results after a short period of time.

– mobile low cost web design in Colorado

It is extremely important to have a mobile friendly website nowadays. Mobile design makes the website fit in any screen resolution and bring more valuable customers to your business. Therefore, a mobile website design looks and feels different on mobile, laptop, or a desktop computer, but still maintains a consistent brand and user experience across all platforms. And finally, for today’s fast-paced world, being without a mobile design can limit your traffic and lower your sales.

— Affordable web design services in Fort Collins, Colorado

It is clear that this question is asked by many potential clients of our agency, if they have the intention to create a website. So, firstly, the site is not just a collection of pictures with text on the page. The production of Internet resources is a combination of the creativity of a whole team of developers. Astash has a team of specialists, the fruit of which is a unique product unlike any other. The development of Internet projects, and especially design, is practically no different from painting a picture, and only a talented specialist can create a truly unique masterpiece.
Secondly, our agency has a very important and distinctive feature. This is an individual integrated approach, which requires high-quality development. The site, after carrying out all the necessary work, is functional and meets all international standards.

— The main stages of the web site development process in our design studio are as follows:

  • Briefing with a client
  • Analysis of the information received
  • UX Design and writing of content
  • Creating a site design
  • Layout
  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Delivery of the project
  • Depending on the current task, some of the stages may be absent, or be closely related to one another.

    Here are our undeniable advantages in creating high-quality websites:

  • Identification of the potential target audience for which you want to create a website. This makes it possible to determine the overall concept of the future site.
  • Analyzing the research conducted before the development of the project. Clarification of all nuances with the client, as well as the development of technical specifications.
  • Competent usability and functionality, which will be present in the future site. Development is carried out taking into account every nuance – starting with the convenience of navigation and ending with the search engine optimization that increases traffic and conversion for sites developed by our company: they have an attractive appearance, load quickly, and are also very easy to use.
  • We do not use templates in our work.
  • If you still do not know where to buy your website, then we offer our affordable web design Fort Collins services that are of high quality, convenient to use, and have an attractive appearance.

    This page shows the price of creating a website, which includes design, layout, programming, domain registration and hosting, and basic advertising support on the network
    All the offered packages of services, except for the Internet page, contain an administrator section that allows you to manage the content of the site yourself, as well as the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) module. Check out our ecommerce website solutions and find out more about our company. Contact us today to work with the best website developers in Fort Collins, Colorado.