Many website owners underestimate the importance of technical support simply because they do not understand their responsibilities and the situations in which they may be needed. Unfortunately, the Internet is a massive system, some parts of which can falter. Whether there is an issue with the server, hosting, or even viruses – all of these can be solved by our WordPress experts. And if you don’t have a specialist to deal with these problems, you don’t need to hire personnel to do this – you can sign a contract with a suitable company and remain under the reliable supervision of experienced IT specialists.


Tech support of a site: what it is and how does it help?

For many customers your website will be the customer’s first interaction with your business and the representation of your business, brand, and values. In order to impress your clients and encourage them to take action, your site needs regular upkeep.

Regardless of the size of your business or your industry, web maintenance is key to the continued success of your website. In order to maintain search engine rankings, bring new clients, and educate your audience about your products and services, your company needs web maintenance.

As Internet technologies and trends constantly develop and your business continues to grow, aStash Maintenance Services make sure your site evolves with the changing demands of the users. We offer monthly WordPress Support Fort Collins services for affordable prices.
We know all the concepts that will help your website stay strong as the Internet evolves and will keep your marketing efforts productive:


content writing services
New content like blog posts, new pages, and event updates are extremely important to inbound marketing. It brings new customers to your site and keeps search engines indexing your site
webpage design and updates
At aStash we love keeping our client’s content fresh. Search engines like Google prefer new content over old since new content is more relevant for your customers
writing copy
Usually, business owners are way too busy running their businesses so we do all the writing and updating of your current content. You just simply have to review and approve
blog management
A blog is a great way to increase your traffic and keep your content updated for search engines. Like most business founders, if you don’t have time for writing, we’ll write your blog posts for you
Email Service
Your customers want to stay in touch with you and receive updates, promo codes, and useful information. We’ll manage your email addresses and create email campaigns personalized for your business. It can even be HTML emails so your clients can have images and buttons work like on the real web page!
social media management
Every business presence on social media has to be active to truly connect with customers and increase sales and traffic. We’ll manage your social media for you by creating campaigns, posts, and products to keep people involved
local business management
Local business listings and citations play a vital role in reputation, rankings, and revenue. We will manage your local business listing in over 50 websites keeping your address, contact info, and detailed information up to date
Google Ads (PPC)
We’ve included money for paid advertising in our monthly full business packages. We will use Google Adwords, Social Media Ads and/or Newspaper and Magazine Ads to create a PPC campaign that is right for you
ecommerce maintenance, Amazon web store updates
A successful eCommerce needs products and store maintenance. We will update your eCommerce or Amazon store stock, maintain your inventory, and change pricing whenever it’s needed!



Astash offers several maintenance plans that can address your website’s needs. Whether you need to fix a bug or plan to add and update content, we can help you keep your site up-to-date and running smoothly.