Digital Marketing Agency for Grocery Delivery Companies

Attract more returning customers with proven online strategies.

With online grocery delivery services, you can get your groceries delivered right to your doorstep without changing out of your pajamas. Because of the convenience it offers, the industry has grown bigger over the years. Even giant brands like Amazon have jumped into the mix. It’s also estimated that by 2025, more than 150 million Americans will get groceries through these services.

Despite this positive outlook, some consumers are still on the fence about getting their regular groceries online. One of the biggest reasons is that many consumers want to be able to physically inspect their groceries first. They want to see, touch, and smell their food before paying. This is especially true for fresh produce.

Another reason is that shoppers report that prices online are often more expensive. Instead of accepting whatever the grocery delivery company is selling things at, they could go look for deals, sales, and better prices at other physical stores.

For these reasons, convincing more customers that online grocery shopping is better than physical grocery shopping can be challenging. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world for grocery delivery companies

A digital marketing strategy that properly targets customer pain points and presents online grocery shopping as a solution will help the brand stand out from the competition. A properly executed online strategy will also help it sustain growth for the long term.

AStash can help that happen. As a trusted digital marketing agency partner for grocery delivery companies, we create custom digital solutions that help these companies achieve success. We leverage tools like SEO, social media, paid ads, and more to help brands market their services to the right audience and turn them into customers. Interested?Let’s have a chat.


Digital Marketing Services for Grocery Delivery Companies

Sustain long-term growth with tailored digital solutions.

Promoting the benefits of your service to customers who are still hesitant to try out your services takes more than having a website. You’ll need a well-rounded online presence to generate leads and convert them into paying customers. Take a peek at our services to help you do that.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The first step to getting more eyes and recognition for your company is SEO. Our digital marketers will do keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, link building, and more here. Our goal is to get you on the first page of search results to increase your visibility for more traffic and leads.

Web Design and Development

Our web designers are experts at creating enticing websites that are also easy to navigate. They also work with our digital marketing team to ensure that your website is optimized for target keywords.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

For immediate results, PPC is the way to go. Our PPC experts will handle everything from the keyword research to the bidding to ensure that you get a spot on top of search results. They will also continuously monitor your ads to ensure successful performance.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media offers one of the best ways to get to know your customers better and to engage with them. With our SMM service, a dedicated social media manager will manage your socials for you. They’ll handle everything from content creation to engagement.

Online Reputation Management

A positive online reputation is crucial for grocery delivery brands. Fortunately, our online reputation management services are here to manage your company’s ratings and overall customer feedback. We’ll encourage positive reviews while catching and professionally handling negative reviews to ensure your online reputation remains favorable.

Content Writing

Our dedicated team of writers will help you communicate your message to your audience effectively. We deliver engaging, well-researched, and optimized content that guides your audience to take action. With every content we publish on your behalf, we hope to increase your leads and conversion.

Why Choose AStash As Your Digital Marketing Company For Grocery Delivery Companies

We know that managing an online grocery delivery business is not easy but you can leave all the nitty-gritty of digital marketing to us. With tailored campaigns and strategies, we will help you achieve your goals without losing focus on what’s important. Here are other reasons to work with us.

Data-Driven Strategies

All our work is based on numbers and hard data. We rely on data to help us create tailored solutions that work. With this approach, we can create realistic predictions and make better decisions for your campaigns.

Client-Focused Work

We believe in putting our clients first. That’s why we sit down and understand the goals, needs, and ideals of our clients before starting any project. We want to be sure that we have the same goals as our clients. This allows us to implement only the best marketing practices to match their goals.


We want our clients to see where their investment is going. That’s why we provide regular performance reports for their campaigns. We also provide regular updates through our meetings. Our clients are also always free to ask anything about their campaigns anytime.