Digital Marketing Agency For Counselors and Therapists

Leverage digital marketing to grow your practice and your patient base.

Counselors and therapists handle delicate subject matters. Because of this, they often face numerous challenges in marketing their practice. For one, despite there already being raised awareness about mental health, many are still hesitant to seek help. Added to that is the sensitive nature of their job. In order to send the right message, counselors and therapists have to be extremely careful with each statement they release.

In this digital age, however, therapists and counselors can no longer keep on depending on simple word of mouth marketing. And while traditional marketing methods still have their merits for this industry, they still need to keep up with the competition through digital means.

According to SEMrush, there are 135 000 monthly searches for “therapists near me” in the US alone. Surveys also show that 70 percent of patients turn to the internet to find an available therapist or counselor. With these numbers, it becomes more imperative for counselors and therapists to leverage digital marketing methods. Through this, they can help and educate patients while also growing their practice.

When it comes to therapy and counseling, however, therapists and counselors need to fully focus on their patients to be able to help them. This often means that they won’t have enough time or resources to focus on their digital marketing efforts. This is where digital marketing experts like Astash comes in.

At Astash, we customize our services to meet your needs and optimize them to differentiate your practice from other local competitors. Our digital marketing packages are also complete with everything you’ll need to maintain an online presence that brings in results.


Digital Marketing Services for Counselors and Therapists

Leverage digital marketing strategies and watch your practice flourish.

At Astash, we understand how valuable your services are and how important it is for you to send the right messages to your audience. To help your practice flourish, our digital marketing experts will create a specially tailored and comprehensive marketing strategy to meet your specific business needs.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the best platforms to connect and engage with your current and potential patients. When you work with us, we’ll not create social media accounts for you but also manage your online reputation. We will also create blogs and videos highlighting your counseling specialties to help you get more client referrals and improve your online presence.

Email Marketing

Build your community by sharing news and special deals with your clients. This helps your current subscribers feel exclusivity and encourages patient loyalty.

Web Design and Development

A well-built, professional, and optimized website can improve your online visibility and reliability. At Astash, you can expect our web developers to create neat and memorable loogos, ensure smooth navigation for your website, and optimize it for SEO. We will also ensure that your website is user-friendly and mobile-compatible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Stay at the top of search results with our SEO services. This package includes keeping your content fresh and credible, optimizing your site for high-performing keywords, and building your local citations.


Pay-per-click strategies allow you to generate high quality leads. For you to get maximum results with this, our digital marketing experts will perform keywords research, content marketing, landing page conversion, and bid strategy optimization. You’ll also get personalized ads to ensure you stand out.

Content Writing

With Astash’s amazing team of writers, you can become a trusted authority in your field through useful, optimized, and comprehensive content. We will create blog posts that address audience questions, tell inspiring stories, and presents helpful expert advice.

Why Choose AStash as Your Digital Marketing Company for Counselors and Therapists

The field of counseling and psychotherapy strictly adheres to concepts of privacy and authenticity. Astash helps your practice maintain this while helping you establish deeper relationships with your clients through tailored digital marketing solutions.

Whether it’s increasing your client base or improving your online presence, we’re highly committed to helping you develop and implement results-driven marketing plans for your practice to reach success. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Extensive Market Research

Every strategy and campaign we implement is based on deep research and data. To get these, we use the latest research tools and technologies. This helps us develop SEO and online marketing solutions that drive positive results.

Audience Targeting Strategies

Our digital marketing experts segments your audience by various categories including demographics, location, and interests. This helps us determine the underserved portions of your community that you can tap into.

Customer-Centric Approach

Before we even start any project with you, we take the time to deeply understand your field, marketing needs, and audience demands. This allows us to better tailor our services to your needs and budget.