We truly believe that any eCommerce site that wants to be at the top of their industry requires SEO. As well we know that higher google rank and related keywords are key to increase site traffic and hence improving sales.


How Does Ecommerce SEO Work?

SEO allows website owners and eCommerce retailers to grow their business. SEO improves business by increasing site traffic and hence improves revenue streams. If improving the company’s growth potential sounds like something you are interested in. Then working with a group like Astash for eCommerce SEO is a must for your business’s journey. Our SEO experts will be happy to come up with a short and long-term plan for growing your company.


SEO is the approach that allows a website’s rank on major search engines to rise up to the top. Based on a uniform, technical practices combined with good content will allow your website to become a marked member of Google’s elite. Surely this will boost up the growth for your eCommerce business.


The math is simple: increased online visibility, more awareness, and brand exposure. Beyond this improved site traffic ends with a high number of conversions and hence more revenue.


An SEO campaign for an Ecommerce company can live or die based on which key areas are focused on to progress the site’s status. An eCommerce site will use our SEO strategies. These are developmental and technical website improvements, external outreach options, and optimized copies of other site-specific info. No matter what you do, it is obvious that your efforts go towards moving the average site visitor into a verified customer. Plan for this focus specifically on: techniques and objects that inspire users to shop, keywords based on user needs. Moreover, other outreach options that enable the casual consumer to find your website.

Does Ecommerce SEO cost more?

Ecommerce SEO does not have an extra cost when compared to a normal website’s SEO. Our ideas and techniques may change, but we will always match the cost of services to the needs of a specific business. If we identify more ideas to improve, we will happily note this for our customers. Also will recommend more options that they can make sure their program remains within their original budget.

Elements For Successful Ecommerce SEO

Here at Astash, our company blends several tried and true eCommerce specific SEO strategies. In fact, your business plans are made to help organic growth for your business. We develop a custom strategy founded our principal ideas:

  • Targeted Keyword Research

We integrate highly relevant and local keywords throughout your site to convey to search engines its core function. The more specific the keyword, the more likely it is to convert a search into a sale. Our usage of keywords not only makes search engines trust your website, it helps it to begin ranking higher.

  • Commercial Website Content

Content is an ideal method for creating internal links across your website. It provides an effective method for conveying authentic, informative, and entertaining content for your visitors. Our team also develops strong “calls-to-action” (CTA) all over your website to help lead your visitors to various sections of your website. This all ends with an increase in click-through rates and improving your CRO greatly.

  • Website Structure

Astash dives into broader market research to identify what your users really want. Further, we utilize this info to optimize your website towards what clients actually desire. Affirming your website’s artistic taste and working helps to improve your site speed to visitors. It also applies regardless of whether they shop by computer, phone, or tablet.

  • Website Speed Optimization

Website speed is a very important aspect of a site’s working. Since almost 40% of visitors leave the website too soon when it fails to load in less than 3 seconds. These “bounce” rates can create a negative impact on your CRO. This directly leads to losing customers and hence revenue.

  • PR outreach

PR outreach is creating positive links with websites better than ours and getting inbound link passes due to your site’s “link juice”. Our expert team works with effective content creators that know your industry. We generate good quality content that is re-posted on other third-party sites. Natural linking, where you don’t actively pay for this spread of content, is the thing we guarantee. In addition, we allow for a diverse link profile that leads back to your original domain. Press Release is a hugely useful resource for use when it comes to link building. When it comes to news and media related to your industry, we fully assure that readers will organically be led back to your website.

  • Technical SEO

The most common issues on eCommerce sites, things like 302 redirects, 404 errors, and copied content. Astash can redirect any 404 errors towards the homepage. Also, alters any 302 redirects to 301’s so that each and every client should reach your website correctly. We will remove the content which is less useful,  copy title tags, and meta descriptions in order to align them with your unique site.

  • Repeat Keyword Research

Keyword research requires constant effort. Due to users’ needs evolving over time. It is imperative that you adapt to the changing market. As your website develops fame and value. Moreover, being active and aware of new keyword options ensure the success of your site for a longer period of time.

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