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Completely Stacked Ecommerce
The simplicity and convenience of an online store for customers and business owners requires a large number of functions that we implement into you website.

Below are the main ones.



Making Selling Process Easy

Selling in your online store should be intuitive, simple, and convenient. A Colorado WordPress web development from aStash will provide a great user-friendly experience to an audience of consumers worldwide. With WordPress WooCommerce platform, your brand’s products and services will become accessible to plenty of users. This Ecommerce platform is a part of responsive web development best practices. We can promise you that your store visitors will have an amazing experience buying your products and services.

Retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors, can all benefit from an eCommerce solution. Even when you don’t want to manage inventory and process payments, an online catalog solution can be used to simply showcase a product or service. Then if you decide to sell online later on, it’s just a matter of setting up the checkout page. We also offer competitive eCommerce branding and internet marketing plans to help your online store grow.


– 6 Reasons to
Build an Online Store Today


Every day, more and more people prefer to shop on the Internet because of their convenience, relative price competitiveness, along with many other reasons.
Online you can sell goods to any buyer, regardless of where they are physically located (even internationally).
SELL 24/7
Since 100% of the functionality of an eCommerce solution can be automated, it will work at any time in its own standard mode.
Selling online requires fewer employees, much lower rental and maintenance costs, and it’s a lot less time-consuming.
The collection and analysis of information via feedback channels allows you to more accurately determine the characteristics of the target audience along such as their interests, wants, and needs.
The online store provides an opportunity to attract partners for product promotion through the creation of affiliate programs, which is a very effective tool for advertising and sales.


– 4 Reasons to replace an EXISTING site and
Order an Online Store



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— Ecommerce online store development and design

We take into account the latest trends and modern technologies. Creating online stores is a strong source of pride for us. We are responsible for the quality of our products and provide fashionable, colorful content.

Why should a modern entrepreneur create an online store when you can earn income from an offline point of sale? This is a complete sales tool with many irreplaceable functions. The online store has several advantages over brick and mortar options, primarily the overhead and upfront costs of such a setup. Consider these in more detail:

  • Rent price- Monthly expenses for renting a space significantly exceed the payment for hosting.
    The savings are obvious.
  • Launch speed- The online store will begin to fully function and make a profit much faster than prepping a boutique or large area.
  • Audience reach- Delivery of goods can be carried out throughout the country, and not limited only to the local geographical location of the store.
  • Permanent availability- The online store is open 24 hours a day. Without lunch, breaks, running HVAC, or light systems increasing cost.
  • The cost of maintenance- In the case of online selling, your main expenses are hosting and salary to the seller-consultant. The cost of maintaining an offline store is incomparable and clearly superior.
  • Promotion price- Thanks to PPC advertising, thousands of potential buyers will learn about your online store.
  • A wide range of products- In your online catalog you can post countless items. This is a huge plus.
  • Analytics and automation- You can analyze attachments and track the actions of site visitors.
  • Your competitors are most likely already online- The development of an online store is your chance to reach a new level and gain a significant advantage.

    — 4 reasons to get rid of an old website

    It is important to monitor the activities of the online store and modernize it over time. It is also necessary to offer something new in order to make buyers want to return. The following are critical errors related to site functionality, read them:

    1. Lack of marketing triggers- In the functional of the store there are no promises that encourage a client on an emotional level to perform the desired action.
    2. Lack of adaptation for mobile devices- The existing site is not adapted for viewing and shopping from mobile devices. You lose 50% of visitors without a fighting chance.
    3. Outdated structure and appearance of the site- The design theme, style, navigation, and more may be “aged” and not current, lowering the opinion of the customer.
    4. Slow loading of site pages- If the site constantly “slows down”, what kind of customer will survive this? Attention span is a precious commodity and many people do not have much patience given the possible speed of online functionality.

    — The costs of building ecommerce

    Astash web studio provides commercial analysis services for your business to create an online store that sells.

    The development of an online store does not take much time. Having accepted the order, we guarantee that you will receive it in the stipulated time. We are a team of responsible executives, our management team will constantly be in touch. The service of creating an online store is more expensive initially, but in the end you will receive a multifunctional “portal” for the implementation of the desired sales and growth of your profit.

    The cost of developing an online store site depends on a number of factors: functionality, scale, the number of attracted specialists, terms, and additional services.

    Expertise and diligence is what we are all about!