Branding consists of several stages of development for obtaining a recognizable identity: developing a name, creating a logo, and developing a corporate style. The successful combination of a slogan and a brand name with a common corporate style is the foundation for the success of any online business. We are creating new brands and re-branding existing ones to get a finished product that will be of interest to website visitors and will increase sales.

Gasana Law Firm
— Logo Design and Branded Color Palette

— Business Cards Design

Fine Sewing
— Logo Design and Branded Color Palette

— Website Branding Design

Stag Building Solutions
— Logo Design and Branded Color Palette

PNC Texas
— Logo Design and Branded Color Palette

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— aStash web design and digital marketing studio: Branding Portfolio

The brand identity is the name that defines the product and the seller who provides it. Then branding is a sequence of actions for the creation and development of the public business image.

The purpose of branding is to create a clear image of the company and purposeful formation of the communication vector. Branding is a complex process that involves a whole range of activities.

— Purpose and branding opportunities

The main purpose of the brand is to associate the product with the corporate culture and style. The logo must be memorable, reflect the mood of the company as well as an essence of the services that it provides all in one image.

Speaking about the opportunities of branding, it is worth paying attention to help shape the company’s image and emphasize its competitive advantages. Branding provides plenty opportunities to maximize the reach to potential target audiences and increase brand loyalty through its memory function.

— Logo design and development of a brand identity

The process of developing a logo and corporate style is to create unique graphic elements, fonts, and color palettes. These elements should ensure the originality and unity of company materials and corporate culture.
Designing a corporate identity is one part of a set of actions that will become a theme of a particular brand on the market and help to distinguish it among its competitors.
The logo is the main identifier, which should be distinctive and qualitatively distinguish the company between competitors.