A successful law firm has to look both inviting and professional. At aStash Designs we have experience and skills to build a unique law firm website that will show your business in an elegant and professional manner. For legal web design projects we focus on creating a content that will tell our client’s story and explain their services and values simple, understandable way.

professional law firm website design

Everyone wants to hire a honest law firm. We make sure we create a website design that represents your company’s honesty and professionalism. We will help you to create content to establish yourself as an authority in your field, or we will implement content marketing strategies to create it for you! We can show you basics in search engine optimization if you choose to optimize your site by yourself in the future.  We also could optimize it for you, it’s your choice! Whatever the level of website support and maintenance you need, we can help.

user friendly law firm web design

According to multiple studies and researches you have about three to five seconds to engage your web visitor before they move to another site. That’s why your law firm website has to have engaging and simple content, with clear navigation. We identify your clients and determine what they are looking for. After that, we create a website design and make sure it is very easy to find. As a result, the right layout, navigation, and content on your law firm’s website increases your sales and improve customer experience.

mobile responsive website design

A responsive website is extremely important nowdays. In 2017, Google changed their mobile rankings as the main way they rank all the websites. So now if you don’t have a responsive website design, you will not rank great in the Google results even if a user is searching on a desktop. Mobile friendly sites also help to bring a lot of potential customers to your law firm as nowadays most of the traffic comes from mobile devices.

successful internet marketing strategies

A aStash Designs an important thing we pay attention to when we do legal web design is a location of your law firm. You want your law website to rank number one for your city and for the surrounding area, and we want that too! Usually, users look through results only on the first page of Google. Those results include organic search results, paid ads, and local business results. For a law firm website it is very important you rank high in local business searches like google maps.  Numerous potential clients in your city will be looking for legal services and see local business searches on top of their results. There they have an easy access to your working hours, to get directions to your office, or call your business. Make sure you have taken advantage of every opportunity to attract the right people to your law firm’s website.

search engine optimization in law firm website design

It’s important to understand that all content should be written for both the search engines and your clients. Keywords, categories, and phrases help Google and other search engines know what are your services and what’s your law firm is offering. There are a lot of rules you have to follow and learn to be able to optimize the content on your own. As most of the law firm owners, you are in the business of being a lawyer. We offer packages that will take care of all the heavy lifting for you, and maintain your website on top of the search results.

aStash web design company

Usually Fort Collins law firms need to speak the language of their clients and project a professional image. It’s normally impossible for owners to find time for law firm website design when they have to be full-time lawyers. We can help in creating beautiful, professional and optimized law firm website and maintain it for your afterward. We will create a professional look for your business and make sure people find you online!

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