Bad, but yours: how to write a really awful CSS

Today we will talk about how you can make CSS styles awful, by solving the opposite task – learning how to create beautiful and clean CSS. This blog post is suitable mainly for the beginners, although this article can also be useful for their more experienced colleagues. Why do we need comments in CSS? They […]

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Website Icons

Icons save the space and look fresh. Icons are the quick answer to complex questions: How to make it more beautiful? How can we brand this? How to make it more fun? We love icons. Until we start to get confused in them. Icons are different: on products, PCs, in lists, on buttons, for the […]

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Optimal Website Design

Web design basics are hard but interesting. To design a great website you have to think about all of the website design standards first. In this article, I will talk about what web designers have to know to develop a high-quality website. Web Design Guidelines: Fast loading website It doesn’t make the user wait too […]

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SEO Basics for Web Designers

In this article, I would like to talk about SEO basics for web designers. I won’t talk about client promotion, but I think I can to share some basic knowledge about search engine optimization that every web designer should know. The whole article is about my personal experience and nothing else. Let me know if […]

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WordPress Maintenance Service

Why do we need WordPress maintenance service for websites? Are you a happy website owner or maybe your website is still in development? Maybe you are just planning on hiring a company to design your website? It doesn’t matter which category you relate to right now, you still need to think about WordPress website support! […]

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