Content Developer & SEO Editor
Peter Quinn

Peter is a Colorado native out of Denver who received his B.S in Engineering from CU Boulder. His academic focus may have been math and science, but he has been an avid reader since he could hold a book, and maintains his strong passion for all things literary. He is constantly searching the depths of his vocabulary and grammar knowledge (or in extreme cases, Google) for the best word or sentence structure to use in even the most casual conversations and encourages others to do the same (often to the frustation of his friends and colleagues). He currently resides in Fort Collins, CO with his wife Kateryna, tabby cat Milo, and their puppy Laika. Outside of his full time engineering job, Peter has dedicated the rest of his free time to content writing and editing for aStash. He works closely with our aStash founder on projects for Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay per click marketing, branding, and copyrighting. Any time he may have left for rest and relaxation he instead spends maintaining an active lifestyle in the gym, playing outdoor sports, jogging along the Poudre river, or out skiing on the slopes.

“If you need someone who can provide a personalized service to improve your SEO, rebrand to connect with your audience on a higher level, increase your social media presence, write compelling blog articles, newsletters and web content, create strong sales funnels, or write landing page content converts, we can help you!”

– Peter Quinn